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When we go to a court or meet a law officer we find that, since he / she is not trained properly his / her skills are very low. So is their earning capacity. Nobody wants to go to an untrained lawyer and people always throng and pay heavily to good lawyers. therefore the key to success in legal profession is by becoming a good lawyer, or it is called in present parlance become a thoroughbred professional, a competitive person.

How it can be achieved

By training the lawyers and law officers in the most comprehensive way, by imparting them actual practical on hand training, as well as explaining the methodology for everything and supervise them into converting the theory taught into actual practice guiding them all the way to make them perfect.


 Once a proper formal training is imparted to a young legal professional, he / she shall become professionally perfect and also become a good citizen capable of contributing to the welfare of the nation in many ways.

The ONLY hope

Vakilbabu Academy has started now as worlds' only academy to train legal professionals comprehensively, the only way it should be done.