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Present method

After the person decides to become a lawyer, he/she finds a suitable senior lawyer through his/her contacts to obtain a juniorship under the senior. Acting as a junior for at least three years, one starts taking up matters on oneís own.

The Junior gets to learn the practice of dealing with clients, drafting and handling matters only as done by his / her senior, which may or may not be proper.

Drafting is learnt by either reading from the present briefs or by taking dictation from the senior.

Juniorís life

First at least 6 months go in simply writing down the diary of the senior (a PAís job), and then a few years in taking adjournments on the ground that, the senior is not present in the court at the time. Several months thereafter one only handles the filing part and teaching fresh juniors on how to maintain the diary.

The Junior is not taught to either directly draft the main case or even application nor allowed to argue out the matter, as the client has paid for the services of the senior concerned and not the junior and the junior is at the most permitted to take down dictation in place of a steno

In return the Junior sometimes gets a low stipend.

 The life after

After a few years the junior finds that, he / she has nothing more to learn from the senior, and the low stipend does not fulfill the dreams as also seen by him / her regarding the actual income of the senior. Therefore the Junior starts independent practice, by either taking a sharing office or an independent office somewhere, or setting up one at his / her own residence, with the support of the family and treads of the unseen and the unknown, prepared only roughly by the senior, and fear in the heart regarding the success of his / her practice, but a glimmer of hope in oneís eyes.

 Even after becoming independent, the lawyer works oneís way up by continuing to learn from other lawyers, the court, the books and even the clients, and by observing others around. After several follies over the years, one gets to become a senior and starts earning decently.

The family life of the persons starts only thereafter and sometimes it is so late that many of them are unable to find a suiable life partner and either compromise drastically or remain single.

The Law officer

After a few years of practice, a lawyer unable (cannot find clientele independently) or not willing to practice independently (not taking the risk of unsure practice and client payments and / or low income) takes up the job of a law officer.

The law officer is supposed know his law as he / she is experienced and is directly given work, which he may not understand, and again learns from (and is manipulated by) the lawyers actually handling the matters of his office. He / She also draft the routine documents by simply changing the necessary details in the old draft as safe bet, the old draft having been made by some good lawyer.

However, the law officer gets an acceptable pay, which mostly pinches the employers considering the knowledge level and skill set of the concerned law officer.


 Basically there is no proper coordinated training to train either a lawyer or even a law officer.

Glimmer of hope

Vakilbabu Academy has started now as worlds' only academy and institute to train legal professionals comprehensively.