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This is the section of our site, which helps in telling you how should you go about marrying and still remain safe in the event of parental denial or opposition to your marriage for whatever reason.

There are primarily two things to learn here :

A] How to marry ?


The Registration of every marriage is compulsory.

Each religion has different prescriptions for marriage.

The marriageable age for every religion without parental consent is 21 years for Boys and 18 years for Girls.

Registration of MarriageHindu Marriages
Islamic NikahsChristian Weddings
Parsi LagansInter-Religious Marriages

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B] How to go about after the marriage ?

In view of the parental pressures and denial as well as complete banishing from the near and dear ones, you have to be very careful while planning your marriage and your behaviour thereafter to avoid any legal hassle.

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