Steps for Changing your Name

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In case you wish to change your name, that also includes your father's name (!!) or even Surname you have to follow a very simple procedure.


Go to the State Government Press in the Capital City of your state.


Ask them for the form for change of name and obtain it.


Fill up the form and submit it (preferably then and there).


Pay the requisite Fees in cash. (Rs. 120/- in Maharashtra for routine (6-8 weeks for publication) and Rs. 620/- for urgent (2-3 weeks)).


The Press would publish the details of the change of your name (or father's name, or surname as be your case) and post you two copies of the Government Gazette or ask you to collect the same. The press would also let you know when they would publish the same.


Thereafter wherever you wish to submit your change of Name / Father's Name / Surname Proof, you can submit true copies of the relevant pages of the Gazette.

The procedure is adopted for the change in the date of birth and age and even for a change of religion.