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Since this site is still not so old, we need the regular feedback and questions from you, to enable us to prepare the database of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Therefore feel free to ask us the questions that have been in your mind for some time now.

Also DO send us your feedback on this site, to enable us to make it better.

However here are a few answers to some of the questions received by us till date :

Q1.    How long does it take to decide a civil case in India?

A1.    The time period for the decision of any Civil Suit varies drastically from state to state and even from court to court in any particular state. However it shall generally take at an average of between 6 months and 3 years to decide any civil matter before the court of original civil jurisdiction, depending on various factors like number of parties involved, interim reliefs sought, any interim calamity etc.

    However, most of the times, at least one Appeal is preferred from the original decision of the originating court, which may take about half the time more.

Q.2    How long does a decision take in a criminal proceeding in India?

A2.    Again the time for deciding a criminal case may also vary drastically, and generally it takes anywhere between 2 to 5 years for the initial decision of the originating court, depending on the number of accused in the matter and their bail grants, and in case of a conviction almost invariably there is bound to be an appeal to the higher court, which may take almost one-third as long.

Q3.    How can I find a good lawyer in India?

A3.    The best way which is also the most common way of finding a good and competent lawyer anywhere in the world is from word of mouth. Talk to your friends and relatives, who then direct you to a lawyer or a law firm whom they know personally and deem them to be competent for the legal assistance needed by you, and shall honestly labour for you with the maximum possible use of law and facts in your favour.

Q4.    Who can obtain free legal advice on this Portal?

A3.    Any person directly affected by any problem, and sending us his / her problems through e-mail, alongwith his / her entire personal details like name, address, e-mail and telephone numbers can obtain FREE!!! Legal Advice on this portal.

Q5.    Who can not obtain free legal advice on this portal?

A5.    Any person not directly affected by any problem, unless the problem be of a general (meaning - of Public Interest) nature, or any person not providing complete personal details shall not be able to obtain Legal Advice on this site, since as a matter of policy we do not entertain either ghost clients or advice seekers not personally affected by the problems, which naturally we expect to come only through the horses mouth.

Q6.    Why Did I not receive any free legal advice from you?

A6.    There are several factors which may result in us not sending any replies to the persons who have sent their queries. In order of their frequency, they are as follows :

i)    One has not written a valid e-mail address (many times the e-mail addresses are incomplete).

ii)    Your mail box is full.

iii)    Your e-mail client has rejected our mail as junk.

iv)    The query is not clear or not written in English.

v)    We might not have received any reply from our expert, to whom your query has been sent.

vi)    Your query has been lost by the computer systems through which it travels to us.

Q7.    Can I contact for any other services on this site?

A7.    By all means yes. We also try to organise everything for our clients, which they need for their litigation or legal documentation, but are unable to do or perform themselves. However, these arrangements are made by our non advocate associates, and naturally these services are also charged.

Even the legal services provided by us, or our lawyer associates, and not amounting to legal advice, which is free on this portal to quite a large extent, are chargeable as per the usual fees of the lawyer concerned.

Q8.    Can you send some relevant judgments (case laws) for me?

A8.    NO. sending the judgments or case laws, as sometimes they are referred to, do not fall under the purview of Free Legal Advice, since they require some special efforts on the part of our associates, and are a part of the daily professional efforts taken by them in the courts. As is very clear, anything involving the efforts of the advocates in respect of the court matters do not entail free service from us, except where you seek our opinion towards the same.

Q9.    In case we engage your services, how do we make payment to you?

A9.    As of now we accept payment only in Indian Rupees. The same can be sent after deciding the quantum of the same, in any of the following manner :

a)    By depositing cheque or cash or through Electronic Funds transfer in our bank account with our bankers for deposit at their Mira Road (Mumbai) Branch.

b)   If you are in Mumbai - by either delivering cash at our office or sending a cheque of the requisite amount [through courier only] at our office.

c)    If you are located anywhere else in India - through Demand Draft or Bankers' Cheque for the requisite amount, making it payable at Mumbai, and dispatching the same through courier.

d)    If you are located outside India - through Demand Draft only for the requisite amount in Indian Rupees, from either any Indian bank in the nearest country or any other International bank having its offices in Mumbai [There are at least 50 leading international banks operating in Mumbai] making it payable at Mumbai, India, and dispatching the same through air courier.


Through or any other means of money transfer including SWIFT Transfer to our bank account, making it payable at Mira Road, Thane District, India.

In any case DO NOT forget to fill in the Form for payment, while or after dispatching the payment.