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We expect you to write to us only through the form provided on the previous advice page, writing the query regarding your problems precisely, and giving sufficient details, with attached files of your all relevant documents, also enclosing your personal details like full name, address, e-mail [VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS], telephone numbers etc., without which details, no queries shall be entertained by us.

NOTE : We do not entertain ghost clients (people without any proper name, complete address, invalid telephones, sending queries for and on behalf of others), and as such replies are sent only for personal problems, and not for the referred problems of others.


We shall forward your queries, questions and problems to the expert in our panel, on the subject of your particular problem.


We shall strive to reply to your problem as soon as possible, and in any case within Seven days, however, due to some unforeseen problem, we do not guarantee any particular time frame for sending your reply, still, we assure you of making every earthly effort on our part to send the reply to you at the earliest.

NOTE : We can not send any reply to your queries without a valid e-mail address.


Every problem sent by you shall be kept absolutely private and undisclosed to any other person except the persons actually involved with the solution to your problem and the same shall be tackled from every possible angle and positively replied to.


You are free to ask further questions, after receiving the Reply from us, and the same shall also be replied to FREE!!


Soon we shall also try and start live video chat with our individual visitors as well as group of visitors again through MS Net meeting.


You can also contact us through our telephone lines on 91-22-28116319 or +91-9324268906 for all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and still receive FREE! Legal Advice.


You can send us Fax on 91-22-28116319, however such letters and queries can be replied to, only if they contain a valid e-mail address of the sender.