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For those wanting to be our associates, please submit your details in a proper Resume in the following format by clicking on the link below, open and save the table form file, fill it up completely and then clinck on the link provided in it and follow the instructions fuly, upon the receipt of which the same shall be shall be scrutinised by us, at the earliest possible, and if we deem it fit to induct you in our team of Associates we shall be glad to inform you accordingly

Would you like to reply to queries sent to Vakilbabu by free legal advice seekers, in your area of expertise / area of operation ?

Contact Information

Bar Council Enrollment No.

Summery of Qualifications [with name of the University/Body]

Professional Experience [Including Juniorship undergone - with the name and place of the Senior Lawyer trained under with number of years of juniorship ]

Specialisation if any

Professional Membership

Languages Known (Read, Written or Spoken)

Community Activities

Personal details like age, marital status, family background.

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