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For those wanting to be our associates, please submit your details in the following form, which shall be scrutinised by us, at the earliest possible, and if we deem it fit to induct you in our team of Associates, we shall inform you to also submit your photograph, in the mode directed by us.

Important Note :

Please go through the resumes of other associates and advocates, before filling in this form.

All the fields are compulsory, in case there is no information then you should write NIL in the space. Do submit specific information.

How would you you like to be Associated with us ?

A]An independent freelance Lawyer.
B]An independent junior lawyer, working under our guidelines.
C]A direct junior in Vakilbabu team.
D]Senior lawyer and counsel.

Would you like to reply to queries sent to Vakilbabu by free legal advice seekers, in your area of expertise / area of operation ?

NO Yes.

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