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Mr. Chandrasen. R. Dighe

Advocate and Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of India.

2.Wing Commander Dr. Sushil Kumar

Service Law Consultant, Delhi.

3.Prof. (Dr.) J. P. Saxena

Medico Legal Consultant, Lucknow, U. P.

4.Mr. Umesh Bhagwat

Advocate, Supreme Court of India

5.Mr. Manoj Kumar Srivastwa

Advocate, Supreme Court of India, and Delhi High Court.

6.Mr. Goutam PrasadAdvocate, Delhi High Court.

Mr. Vinod  Mathur

Advocate, Delhi High Court.
8.Mr. Raja Beriwal

Advocate, Delhi High Court.

9.Mrs. Pooja BhasinAdvocate, Delhi High Court.
10.Mr. Kunal Duggal

Advocate, Patiala House Courts, Delhi.

11.Mr. Shailendra SinghAdvocate, Shahadara Court, Delhi.
12.Mr. Deepak Bhalla

Advocate, Delhi.

13.Mr. Mohit Suri

Advocate, Delhi.

14.Mr. Jai Deep KharubAdvocate, Delhi.
15.Mr. Anupam TripathiAdvocate, Delhi
16.Mr. Ashish KumarAdvocate, Delhi
17.Mr. Amarnath SainiAdvocate, Delhi
18.Mr. Nand KishoreAdvocate, Delhi
19.Mr. Amit KumarAdvocate, Delhi
20.Mr. Shyam LalAdvocate, Delhi
21.Mr. Ranjit KumarAdvocate, Delhi
22.Mr. Manoj K. SrivastwaAdvocate, Delhi
23.Mr. Rajesh KumarAdvocate, Delhi
24.Mr. Neeraj K. GuptaAdvocate, Delhi
25.Mr. Jitendra KumarAdvocate, Delhi
26.Ms. Sonia AroraAdvocate, Delhi
27.Mr. Sunil SinghAdvocate, Delhi
28.Mr. Amit K DasAdvocate, Delhi
29.Mr. Amrit SinghAdvocate, Delhi
30.Mr. Vinod KashyapAdvocate, Delhi


If you are an ethical advocate, and practicing in an area, where we may not have any effective representation, we shall be pleased to consider having you as our associate, after checking your track record through our sources.

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