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It includes areas such as wages / salary / ESI / PF computation, legal advice, labour and industrial relations consultation and even management consultation for the corporate sector.


A yet another application of our expertise. In this, our primary role is that of an overheads controller. The growing strength of the trade unions, coupled by the worsening market scenario, has made it difficult for corporate managements to run a cost-efficient, profitable organisation. Our foresight into these problems offered us a unique opportunity to relieve our clients from this ever-growing burden. Our Manpower Provider wing, established merely a decade ago, is today over 300 strong, making us a highly reliable licensed labour Contractor with a strength of 300 people. Our primary role is controlling other.


Security arrangements of industrial/ commercial / residential premises in Mumbai today forms a very reputed identity of our abilities. Providing well-dressed, well-trained, smart personnel to clients forms a primary function of this specialty. The advantages of such an arrangement are not far to find. Non-involvement with the employees of our client, total control of clients over the security personnel and arrangements, benefits of third party operations, our excellent liasoning with the police department as well as A 24-Hour Help Desk are the obvious reasons why our clients choose us for the job.


'Kleen Home Industry', a wing of Supreme Services, has made quite a reputation for itself as manufacturers of the well-known 'Kleen' brand of cleaning and hygiene products for industrial establishments since 1970. Houses, offices, banks, shops, hotels, hospitals - you name an industry and 'Kleen' has an application for it. Apart from manufacturing 'Kleen' under the stringent supervision for fool-proof quality control, we also supply extremely efficient manpower as Housekeeping Staff to our clients.


Here, our expertise lies in anti-termite treatment for various premises during the pre- as well as post-construction stages. As it is with every specialist, this service covers a wide spectrum of pest control applications, viz. white ants, cockroaches, general pests and rodents. Over 25 years of operations in this area has put our finger is aptly supported by the requisite license from the Agricultural department issued under the Insecticides Act, 1968 and covered with the approval of BMC.


Way back in 1990, when the IT boom was still in its nascent stages, we forayed into the IT supplies industry. An experience, which has helped us acquire the status of the authorised suppliers for the various products of Hewlett Packard, Sony India and Fuji products with the SBI, BARC, NPC, ICIM as well as Rhone 'Poulenc (I) Ltd., Chemtex Garware Polyesters Ltd., Hindustan Lever, Hindustan Construction and Larsen & Toubro, to name a few, with prompt delivery and reasonable rates as our trade marks.


Our clients identify it better as 'Chirag Auto'. Centrally located (opp. Elphinston Road Station), this workshop undertakes repairs of all types, viz. mechanical (diesel & petrol), electrical, upholstery tinwork and even painting jobs of Indian as well as imported automobiles, all under one roof. As value addition, we also offer assistance in old / used car dealings at a nominal commission. Our experience and expertise notwithstanding, our journey ahead is long and encouraging. Accompanying us across, is a wide clientele that believes in the very same values which we have nourished for decades. Values that have brought us closer to each other and will mutually be cherished for the years to come. We can't help being proud of our association with a clientele that spans across the Indian industry's frontline blue chips.


Back in 1975, when we made our initial forays into the Property Management profession, our idea was looked upon with as much curiosity as doubt by our flourishing contemporaries. Today, most of them have entrusted with a responsibility they didn't feel like entrusting to anyone else, A responsibility that spans over 20,00,000 sq, ft, of prime commercial property spread over the length and breadth of Mumbai. An formidable reputation, built carefully over this two-and-a-half decade period, is the benchmark of Supreme Services. True to the name, Supreme Services, we have made it big by striving to be the best in everything we did, keeping a sharp focus on Total Customer Satisfaction. No wonder then, that our client list boasts of global big-wigs who themselves are the supreme leaders in their respective areas of operation.


The list you see, wasn’t always so long. But business grew. And so did the requirements and subsequently, the expectations of our demanding clients. As of date, the list of our services include, - Sourcing property for lease and outright purchase for commercial / residential premises. - Renovating and repairing existing property on a turnkey basis for the desired premises through our well trained team of interior decorators and architects. - Maintenance of air-conditioners, elevators, installed electrical appliances, plumbing at residential/commercial premises Apart from sourcing these services, our clients have approached us time and again with challenges that broadened the scope of our business. Thanks to their challenges, we have now discovered our expertise in fields as diverse as these…