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Dear everybody at "Vakilbabu",

Wish you all a Happy New Year 2005. May your services be appreciated by

With Thanks



Dear Sir,

In this ERA, I Wish You & Your Family  

  "Happy New Year - 2 5" 

I pray for your Good Health & your Service



Dear Mr. Maheshwari,

Thank you for your warm wishes and lets pray this new year brings peace in the lives of those who met with this tragedy.

Wish you and your family A  happy new year.




A. Ananta


Dear Sir/Madam & Vakilbabu team

Wish You, and Your Family A Happy & Prosperous New Year 2005. (Thanks for my queries response)

With regards.

Siva Anand


Revered Atman,

Wishing a very Happy New Year to you, your family friends and all nears and dears.  Wish you a very best of luck, success, joy, pleasure, fun, love, passion, courage, strength and divine blessings on each dawn of this year!  May your heart be ever filled with the sweetness of Lord's name.  With all joy and peace to you.

With love and regards,

Pawan Kumar


Dear brother,

I wish you too a happy and prosperous new year 2005 ! which may bring your everlasting dreams come true.

Thanking you,

yours sincerely,

Ravikumar Deva

Advocate, Hyderabad.


Dear Mr. Maharashtra and the team at Vakilbabu,

Thank you so much for the new year wishes.

I have been in touch with you off an on for over 2 years now seeking your  advise over the internet, and have always been extremely happy to receive  a prompt and valuable legal advise from you every time. I am really impressed with your professionalism. Keep up the good work.

Here's wishing you and the entire team at Vakil Babu a happy and prosperous new year.

Best Regards

Sandeep Sahadevan


Dear Satish Maheshwari,

First let me thank you for your quick and valuable reply. Your answer has cleared my main blocker query.

About my asking for sooner reply, I apologise for the same and assure that I shall not pressurise you for the reply from my further mails.

Thanks once again for the reply and kindness.

Rajesh Pawar

14, Jayanagar 3rd block,


Great work, good design, Impressive, very useful.

V. Kannan,
Advocate, Palayamkottai.

2, Manakavalampillai Hospital Road,
Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli - 627002.


Vellore. 8th Jan '05. 5-00am IST.

Dear Vakilbabu and Vineeth,

Thank you for your New year Greetings and I am sure we are all worried and have deep sympathy for the several thousands who have lost their families and displaced in the region of Sumatra, Srilanka, Thailand and Eastern coast of India.

Let the New Year bring some consolation to re-establish their lives due to World awareness of the disaster.


Basu T N.


Dear sir,

Received your all greetings and  very grateful for keeping contact.

Thanks to you, I require your advice in my legal case, it is still pending with court no hearing started  yet, I will keep you informed about that.

Hemant Shirole


Dear sir ,

            Thanks for your message,

                                                Wish you a happy new year , and I pray from god that you achieve your goal what you have decided, in this year you get happiness and total satisfaction of the work.

Thanking you

Pradeep Tiwari

Katni, Madhya Pradesh


Dear Bhai Sahab:
Please accept our best wishes for a Happy and Joyous New Year.
Best regards.

Professor Vijay P. Singh, Ph. D., D. Sc., P. E., P. H.
Arthur K. Barton Professor
Academician, Georgia Fazisi Academy
President, FARA
President, G. B. S. Board
Editor-in-Chief, WSTL
Editor-in-Chief, ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-6405, U. S. A.

Phone: (225)-578-6697 (Personal)
         : (225)-578-8442 (Departmental Secretary)
Fax:     (225)-578-6588 (Personal)
           (225)-578-8529, 578-8652 (Department)


Home page:


Dear Shri Satish Saheb,

Thank you very much for your very prompt response to my request for guidance.  Your offer to suggest better options if I give you further details is very encouraging.

As already stated, your offer to suggest something better for me was very encouraging and hence I am coming back to you again seeking guidance.


R. Raghunathan

Type V/18, Anu-Kiran colony
P.O. Bhabha Nagar, Via Kota


Dear Sir,

Thanks a lot for the time taken by you to answer my queries. Now, I have got some idea about the matter. Now, I have better idea i.e where to start the case, which points to include etc.

Thanks again,



Bhakth Mutt


I wish your noble team and family a Bright, Happy & Prosperous New Year 2005!!!

Bala Manian


Just was curiously looking for Duggals around the world. I have thinking of putting together a directory of "DUGGALS AROUND THE WORLD" for networking with each other and establish a platform to Enshrine & Establish Duggal name in the history books.

By the way my elder son is a law graduate of Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Besides being 32 years old he is well established on the US Law scenes.

Wishing you success!

DP Duggal

Washington, D.C., USA


Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your advice.  I feel not only clarified, but also encouraged to move forward in my proposed endeavour.

Your advice to me is that I should get ..... and also to take steps to ........ .  You have also allayed my fears about opting for a ..... venture.

Thanking you and with regards.

R. Raghunathan

Type V/18, Anu-Kiran colony
P.O. Bhabha Nagar, Via Kota


Your reply will be very useful for taking the matter with the BMC and if need be I will take your help.


Gautam Shah

Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya Building,
48, A K Marg,
Mumbai 400 036.


Dear Sir,

At the outset, I most sincerely thank you for your response to my query.  It has really helped me gain  insight into our case.

About my last sentence, requesting you to send me an early response was not meant to hurt your feelings.  I honour your commitments and your work of giving free legal advice.  The sentence was written in real earnest and hope of receiving your reply, because I had some time back sent the same query to "Legal Opinion", but I did not receive any response, hence the last sentence.  I am extremely sorry if that sentence has hurt your feelings, but my intention was never to pester you to send me a prompt response in less then 8 days time.  I hope and trust you will understand.

Thanking you again very sincerely.


Anjali Sathaye.

13, Dream Park,
Jagtap Mala, Anand Nagar,
Nashik 422 007


Dear Mr. Maheshwari,
This is with reference to my mail, I would wish to thank you sincerely for all your help and expert legal opinion.
Your timely response is highly appreciated and I shall endeavour to keep you appraised on all developments in this case.
Thank you once again for your selfless and wonderful service.
Sudeep Bhatt.

Zazsons Exports Ltd,
4B Sheetla Bazar, Jajmau,
Kanpur - 208010 (UP)


Hi Satish ji,
Thanks for the prompt reply in-spite of your busy schedule.


B/21, Gayatri Darshan,
Dombivali (West),
Kalyan, Dist. Thane,


I feel this is very genuine effort to help people. Good work. However, I am surprised that nowhere any office phone no. or mobile no. is provided. It really needs attention. Please add phone no. and your company address in contact list.

[Our entire contact details not only appear on the opening page itself, but also on the relevant pages (like About Us and the Company Profile etc.)] {Vakilbabu Management}


Ghatkoper, Mumbai.


Dear Advocate,

               Thank you for your kind reply. Sorry for the delay. I was out of station. I thank you for your noble service, giving solutions for free of cost. Kindly give your office address so that I can avail your service in person.

Thanking you once again,

Bala Manian



This site is very fun! Compliments my friend from Italy




Thank you very much for your kind reply.


Shaunak Basu

17, B L Hati Road, Radhanagar, Burdiwan, 713101


Hello sir
                Thanks for your reply
                                             I also think the same but i was a little worried because the assistant to  Indian ambassador  was calling me .......... I think you understand what I m trying to say, so now I am not worried at all with your reconfirmation.
                                       Thank you very much

Shikha Ahuja

9, Maya Street, Yerevan, Armenia -375009