Samsung is a CHEATER Company

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Date: Monday, 30 June 2003
Time: 05:46:11 PM



I have two 'BIG' products of SAMSUNG in my home. One is "SAMSUNG Bio-fresh Refrigerator (440 litres)". Other is a "SAMSUNG 1.5 ton SPLIT Air Conditioner".

I am having the 'fridge' for about last two years. Our trouble with the fridge started in the very first week of its purchase itself. Firstly, there was low-cooling & then it was excess-cooling, in summers, they were rectified. Again, in winters, the problem of excess-cooling resurfaced, it was rectified. Now, again in summers, earlier it was excess-cooling & now it is 'NO-COOLING' at all ! Right now, I am begging to my neighbours for cold-water & ice-cubes ... !

Now with the AC ... The split 1.5ton AC was purchased last year & is still under comprehensive warranty. Initially there was low-cooling, then after about 'one-dozen' complaints, it was rectified. Now, this summer, when we started AC after some winter months, its compressor gone down !!! And this time, (I was on the verge of getting bald, 'coz I pulled my hair in mental agony, courtesy SAMSUNG) I had to lodge complaint for at least 30 times, YES! 30 TIMES !, in 1.5 months, to get my AC rectified ! ! ! And now, the indoor unit is dripping water like a leaking water-pipeline ! We are collecting this cold water to quench our thirst, 'coz our fridge has also gone down !!! . . . What is this nonsense ?? Is SAMSUNG treating us like anything?? What do you think you can sell us scrap ?? . I am responsible for breaking at least '30' potential-customers of SAMSUNG products because once I told them my horrifying experience of getting cheated of about 1 Lakh rupees (approx. cost of fridge & AC), they simply moved away from SAMSUNG ! . SAMSUNG gave us such a poor product & service that I am planning to take the help of 'law & media' to bring to the notice of general public that SAMSUNG is doing nothing but cheating us 'Indians' & making a fool of us ! . I request the senior authorities of SAMSUNG to kindly look into the matter before I venture out ! Bye. . . . Regards--, (it is a ritual of writing so, otherwise I don't have any regards left for SAMSUNG)