Illegal, forcible occupation of common land

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Date: Monday, 05 January 2004
Time: 12:56:31 PM


We got a housing board home (multi storey-84 homes-3 -tier). It was guaranteed that space around our home  is meant for all residents. but people in ground floor occupied and not permitting to use. Housing board turning a deaf ear to our appeals and ask us to settle it with union formed with in ourselves (residents). But the union has no power or interest to deal with it, because people in the union itself are occupying land. Is it possible to challenge the housing board for not protecting the land owned by it in order to fulfill the guarantee under which it was agreed to buy that home. That, occupied land meant for finding water resources and vehicle parking, keeping clean environment and FIGHTING-FREE

J. Balu

C 11/5, West Ponnagaram, 5th Street,
Madurai 625016,