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Date: Wednesday, 09 June 2004
Time: 01:28:06 AM


I and my wife are account holders in HDFC Bank and had withdrawn from the banks ‘Bill Pay’ facility (upon introduction of charges for using the facility from January 2004) by means of our letter dated December 12, 2003. This letter was submitted at the bank’s Nungambakkam branch in person. Though the bills registered under our customer IDs were taken out from system by early January 2004, the bank debited charges relating to it on March 12, 2004 in all three accounts of ours. I gave a Xerox copy of my letter along with mini statements for the accounts at Nungambakkam branch on March 29,2004 requesting reversal of the charges. Subsequent thereto also I have several times represented the matter to the bank both personally at Nungambakkam branch and through mails in net banking. While the charges for one of our three accounts (held in Nungambakkam) got reversed on May 24th, I was informed that e mails would be sent to ITC branch and Anna Nagar branch for reversals. As no action was found taken by May 27th, I had sent another letter reminding the issue on May 27, 2004 to both ITC branch and Anna Nagar branch. Though ITC(Anna Salai) branch reversed the charges on June 1st, Anna Nagar branch has returned the letter stating “Please forward us a request to cancel the bill pay for your a/c as the same is still registered on the a/c”. Then upon receipt of this, I again checked the net banking and found that “You are not registered for bill payment”. The Bank’s system appears not to be foolproof and not well integrated? On one end all the bills earlier registered have been removed and on the other hand charges have been levied and the branch yet asks us to forward a request to cancel the bill pay. Then what happened to my letter dated December 12, 2004. Why the bank/branch did not get back to me if the request cannot be complied with. Queries on this raised in Net banking did not yield result as the replies said, it cannot act on account related instructions through e mail while this was not any instruction being issued on account related matter through e mail but only a query on why account related instruction given in writing at the branch has not been attended to. I cannot express fully the amount of pain, troubles, time, internet time and energy etc, I had to deploy on this matter.


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