Malpractice & Monopoly by iDEA Cellular

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Date: Saturday, 17 July 2004
Time: 03:28:48 PM


I am subscriber to telephone no: 9891654573 of iDEA Cellular Ltd.. I am paying my regular payments before due date of bill. Last bill was paid on 18th June 2004. After that I received a call on 29th July 2004 from iDEA Cellular to make an interim payment of Rs. 1,000.00. I made payment of Rs. 1,500/- on 30th of June 2004. I received a bill for Rs. 1385.53 the last day for which was 18th July 2004. Company unilaterally and wilfully disconnected my phone on 14th July 2004. I have been put to tremendous loss through this act of company.

Baldev Krishan Ashta

17/164, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi