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Date: Tuesday, 07 September 2004
Time: 11:20:22 PM


I have faced many problems Reliance India mobile DAPO offer. I brought to the notice of reliance using e-mail, calling *333. They never respond to the complaint nor the customer care issue complaint number. If I call *333 from the mobile they advise to go to nearest web world, if I go to web world they advise to go to town office. Mails have been sent to chairman's office regarding these problems. Some times reliance say it is not in a position to explain how particular bill was prepared.

This is how reliance is working. To get relieved my self from these troubles, I have decided to opt out from RIM, and made an attempt to return the RIM. But the customer care executive explained about RIM pre-paid. With an intension to try the RIM pre-paid, I have migrated from DAPO (post paid) to pre-paid after the customer care executive promised over phone that my un-banked PDCs and a NLD deposit of Rs 2000/- will be returned. The company like Reliance gave the above assurance only on a white paper, and the person denied to write his name on the assurance.

Now I felt that Pre-paid is more costly that also the recharge coupon is at higher price (minimum Rs 350). After taking RIM, I realised that RIM coverage is very limited even in city area. For example I have noticed that mobile coverage is better for other service providers like BSNL along the train route. With an intention to migrate from Reliance to other service provider, I have contacted the Customer care of Reliance to know about the procedure to migrate to other service provider, since reliance is CDMA mobile handset. The customer care informed on phone that, there is no provision to migrate from reliance to other service provider. Since I am pre-paid customer, reliance is nothing to do with hand set.

Now the problem is like this. It is mandatory to use reliance service with my handset. Other wise I have to keep the handset ideal.  Which, I feel, is monopoly and denying the consumer to select service provider of his choice, when particular service is not satisfactory also better service is provided by other service providers.

Can any body suggest me the possibility of challenging the issue of monopoly in mobile sector in the form of CDMA (whether it is reliance or other). When GSM technology users is having choice to migrate using SIM card, why CDMA technology users should suffer from monopoly.

Jaya Rao