Cheated by Sony

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Date: Tuesday, 01 February 2005
Time: 11:06:34 AM



I purchased a Sony DVD Player (DVP S735D) in 2000 Dec from Radio House, Bangalore. During the warranty period it stopped reading discs. I took it to Radio House, they sent it to a Sony Authorized Service Center in Bangalore. They told me that they had to replace "everything" as the player was dead. Since it was under warranty and it was repaired by Sony, I didn't give it much weightage.

After 1 year its lens assembly had to be changed. It cost me around Rs 6,500. Again, after almost a year the board has to be replaced and the cost is around Rs 5,000. All repairs and inspections are done at Sony Authorised Service Centers.

I feel cheated. I believe that Sony has sold me a defective piece. How can I make Sony pay for this? Can a consumer court hear my case? I can't let Sony get away with fleecing me at will.

I'll appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you

Sameer Dubey