Date of packaging on milk packs

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Date: Friday, 04 February 2005
Time: 12:54:41 PM


Dear Sir,

I am a regular buyer of milk pack and buy branded milk in the morning from the outlet near my house in Malad West. I am observing since many days that Amul, Mahanand, Gokul milk packs are marked with current date that is the day milk is bought by me. Whereas in few brands I find that date is old that is of Previous day.

When I enquired from the milk vendor, I am told that milk of all brands is delivered in the night. This means that all milk brands are packaging milk on the previous day. I am surprised how then these well known brands are doing this. The consumers are provided false information.

I hope you will take up this matter appropriately and do the needful.


Sunil Kukreja

7 Lok Sadan, Liberty Garden,
Malad (West), Mumbai- 64.