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Date: Thursday, 10 February 2005
Time: 10:50:08 AM


I purchased an expensive pair of shoes from woodland shoes at 573, J. M. Road, Deccan Gymkhana Pune-411 004 about 2 weeks back. These are the latest advertised by woodland and costing Rs. 1900/-. On wearing these shoes I realized that they were making a lot of shrieking sound. It is not possible to wear these shoes and go to the office. I thought that the noise will go away in 2-3 days. Still the noise was coming and it was quite embarrassing. I visited the shop and spoke to the manager. He said that in first place they do not have a practice to return the used shoes (since I have tried it). For god sake, I did not buy the shoes just to return them. To that matter nobody will do that. They will return the shoe only after trying it and finding some problem, would someone go back to return. It is no fun to buy an expensive item just for returning it. The manager is quite rude. He told me that it is not a manufacturing defect since the sole is not broken and there are no cracks. He said that nobody has complained the same. I told him I can prove the same by trying in front of him and walking on the marble floor. He said that I should wear the shoe for a month and then still if the shrieking sound is there then I shall come back to him. The argument was endless, getting louder and meaning less. This means that I have to now wear the shoes for one month on my morning walk (and not to office as it is very embarrassing) and see if the shoes are roughed up so much that they do not make any noise that I will be able to wear them to office.

I believe that the manager should have a common sense to differentiate between the genuine case versus made up cases. Well this is Woodland and expensive and I suppose they are on the higher side of cost and a better quality should be expected. 1900/- shoes are expensive and the Woodland company should justify the cost. It is a very poor bargain to use these shoes for morning walk. These are the times of consumer care and I am afraid if these are the attitudes of the Woodland company or their staff how long they can carry on the good name they have earned from the past.

Ajay Garg

A4/304, Kumar Prerana,
Aundh, Pune. Maharashtra