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Date: Tuesday, 12 October 2004
Time: 03:15:18 PM


This is a case which I got can some one help me. Company A has outsourced an IT project to Company B for some 1000$ now company B has again outsourced the project to company C in India for some 500$ and the company C has outsourced the project to a freelance programmer - D (my Client) for some 200$ in India to code and deliver the product in 3 weeks time. D has failed to deliver the product on time and the company A is suing company B for deliver in UK. In turn company B may sue company C and in turn C will sue the D. There are no legal documents on the outsourcing from C to D, only few emails communications. 1. Can D be sued for this2. How can D be on a safer side. 3. Are there any laws in this type of case in India. Can any one throw some light on it. Thank you.