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Date: 03 January 2005
Time: 05:51 PM


There are some advertising companies in INDIA such as Consumers of India , (www.consumersofindia.com), Consumers India (www.consumersindia.com), Smart Jobs (www.smart-jobs.com), Future Care (www.futurecareonlinejobs.com) are they registered firms? As they are either offering online Jobs of ad posting or paying people for watching advertising (as per their verdict). Some of the previous persons who have joined them I have communicated with them but their response to wards the companies are not satisfactory.

Specially for the Smart - Jobs the comments from the previous joined persons are not at all good. So are not they cheating peoples? Many persons watching their Job adds Join them with depositing some money but the response from their part after joining is very bad, they either does not reply to the mails or if they reply also the response are not satisfactory.

Gora Bhattacharjee