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This moderated forum, deals with all comments related to the common grievance of the people, against the organisational machinery, government, law and judicial system, its uses and misuses, its effect and also its need etc.

Aggrieved Party moves First

Feeling cheated with a 'Car Interiors shop' in Gurgaon, Haryana

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Recovery of Financial Institutions' dues as Land revenue

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Help required !

Disgusted with the system

Information about City Courts

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Present day value of 'Socialism'

Judicial Sloth

Poor Victims of Crime

Over crowding in 10th Metropolitan Court, Andheri

Encroachment & Blockage of Public Road by Hawkers

Bonded labour

Denial of Voting rights to unauthorised slum dwellers

“Common Man's" Democratic Rights

Harassment caused under S. 498 A

Enough is enough, let's save Mumbai

Chain Mails

Harassment by C-Tel, Gurgaon

Not Refunding Caution Money

Suggestions for promoting tourism in India

More thoughts about Tourism