Re: Solution - Wife destroying Family Peace

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Date: Wednesday, 12 November 2003
Time: 02:04:39 AM


Using Abusive language is a non-cognizable offence and police therefore will not take any action in the matter and not even meet her, but instead give you a small letter in writing advising you to move the court for the necessary relief.

However, if you keep on filing written complaints for the same offence every time the offence is repeated by her, with the same police station, and then with the bunch of such copies approach higher police officials, they shall ask the police to lodge a "Chapter Case" against her, whereby she shall be summoned to the office of the local Special Executive Magistrate (who could also be the local Assistant Police Commissioner in larger cities), where she shall be asked to fill a bond of good behavior for next six months, and in case of any breach of such bond, you may again complain to the police as well as the said magistrate in writing, where upon, her bond will be cancelled upon hearing her side, and she shall be lodged in jail for the rest of the term of the bond.

Advocate Satish Maheshwari.

Vakilbabu Office.