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Date: Thursday, 17 June 2004
Time: 06:10:47 PM


Sir, we were married before three years, I am an govt. employee. After marriage my wife lived only three four months at my home. After that she has also got govt. service. After that she has not came to my home. I tried many times. I also sent her a notice to came back in my home. But she didn't accept that notice. At last I sent her divorce notice. Then she launched 498A complaint at police station against me, my mother-father, & my two brothers.

Sir, my elder brother is serving from 1986. His family is with him. My small brother is studying away from my village.

Sir in such case, can she launch 498A against us? What punishment we will get? Can I launch cross complaint? Can I get divorce?

Please guide me by e-mail.

Chetan Nikam.