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Date: Saturday, 21 August 2004
Time: 03:37:28 PM



I got married 8 months ago. Things were fine but after 2 months we had difference of opinions and quarrels on small petty issues which would amount to big fights. There was a ego problem too and no one wanted to hear the other person. Once, in anger, I slapped my wife. After that, things became bad and we had fights but never physical damage. After that she went to her father's place in Pune. She said to every one that she does not want to stay with me. I and my parents tried to make her understand that this will never happen and we can mutually understand and live life. But, she is not at all ready to understand. She has been staying with her parents for lat 3 months without any communication between us.

In this case, can she claim a divorce ???

If she does not want to stay with me and I agree to give a divorce to her, can she claim for any "MONEY"- maintenance. She herself has started working for Reliance call center and can support herself. Can I go to court and tell her to come back home via the court order? Please tell me about my position in such a case and what steps should I take. I have very less money and it is HARD-EARNED. I don't want to give it away without my mistake.

Can you give me info about a good lawyer in Mumbai whose charges are reasonable.

Waiting for a reply,

Sumit Shah