Wife not trying to adjust in the family

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Date: Friday, 27 August 2004
Time: 05:38:41 PM


I got married in Apr 2004. My wife has not adjusted well to family and refuses to try to fit in the family. Now she wants me to separate from my parents (I have just one married sister) as she does not want to stay with them. But me and my parents are employed and support collectively. In fact, I earn only 7000 p.m. a fact, she and her parents are well aware of. I am not financially independent to live alone. Also, I don't want to leave my parents. There has been no case of harassment but now she has returned to her parent's house claiming that her father is ill but when we went to see my father in law they abused me and my parents and my wife was hidden in store (we came to know of it). The whole joint family abused us and we left the place. I became ill the same day and was admitted in the hospital. Upon being adviced by the doctor my friend went to bring my wife to hospital wife's family told my friend that she is not there and cannot be contacted and till date hasn't sent her to our house. Also, there has be no contact from her in past 2-2 and half weeks. My mother called in to inquire about her father's well being. Then my mother wished to speak to my wife and wife's mother told her that she does not want to speak to any of us. I am mentally very hurt and feel very insulted. We also fear that they are going to register a false dowry harassment case if we try to take a strong stance against their misbehaviour. Please advice as soon as possible as I am getting desperate.

Sonu Kumar