Yet another Addition : Misuse of 498A

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Date: Monday, 20 September 2004
Time: 06:03:52 PM


I have also got couple of queries on the same subject. I am also one of the victims of section 498a. For the last more than one year me and my wife are staying separately. She had lodged the complaint with women cell and since then (more than 8 months or so) we have been attending hearings there. Now she has application for filing the FIR. and We have been advised to apply for anticipatory bails. Now I just need to know how easy or difficult to get a bail in such cases. One hearing on the bail matter has already been done and now I have been given next date to attend it and put/give my opinion before the judge. The girl has given the statement that she only wish to come back and settle down with me only. I know its all false and I just want to counter that. How do I do that? Also, do we have any sort of Men cell on lines of women cell or any such organisation which can help men against the misuse of section 498A.

From Delhi.