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Relevancy of the Consumer Act.




Are the consumer courts effective ?

Consumer Court Order against builders

  Samsung is a CHEATER Company

Add : Problem faced with Samsung Fridge

Another Addition to the problematic Samsung Fridge 

Add : Malfunctioning Samsung TV

   Add : Buying Samsung Products  

Add : Never buy Samsung products

  Problem in Samsung TV   
  Gift certificates bought online   
  Reliance India Mobile

Addition : Disappointing Standard of Service

   Reply : Fight back or a way out  
  Reliance mischief

Problems with Reliance

  Reliance cumulative bill

Reliance should be sued

  Illegal and Arbitrary Demand by Ansal Properties   
  Malfunctioning of Samsung Mobile

Addition : Some problems in manufacturing of Samsung - C100

  Illegal, forcible occupation of common land   
  HDFC Bank harasses   
  Malpractice & Monopoly by iDEA Cellular

Action against the cheats

  Cheated by "Bioinformatics Institute of India"

Reply - Bioinformatics Institute of India is good

  Ghatge Patil Transport - damaging service   
  Poor service of AIRTEL in UP East   
  Illegal and Highhanded acts of Foreign finance Company   
  Faulty pieces of DVD sold by Onida

Your Comments on Onida DVD Player

  Credit Card default in Payment   
  Cheated by Sony   
  Date of packaging on milk packs   
  Woodland Shoes   
  Fraud by a Franchisee   



Aggrieved Party moves First






Feeling cheated with a 'Car Interiors shop' in Gurgaon, Haryana

Reply to : Feeling cheated with a 'Car Interiors shop'





Recovery of Financial Institutions' dues as Land revenue

Reply to : Recovery of Financial Institutions'  dues



Help required !




Disgusted with the system






Information about City Courts

Reply to : Information about City Courts



Present day value of 'Socialism'

  Judicial Sloth   

Poor Victims of Crime


Over crowding in Metropolitan Court

  Encroachment & Blockage of Public Road by Hawkers   

Bonded labour


Denial of Voting rights to unauthorised slum dwellers


"Common Man's" Democratic Rights


Harassment caused under S. 498 A

  Enough is enough, let's save Mumbai   
  Chain Mails   
  Harassment by C-Tel, Gurgaon   
  Not Refunding Caution Money   
  Suggestions for promoting tourism in IndiaMore thoughts about Tourism  


Cyber Law

Why Cyber Laws ?

Reply to : Why Cyber Laws


  Cyber LinksReply to : Cyber LinksAnother Reply to : Cyber Links 
  Online AuctionsReply to : Online Auctions  
  Write up of articlesReply to : Write up of articles  
  InternetReply to : Internet  
  Remedy for blocking of site by Web developer/designer   
  Which law prevailsReply to : Which law prevails ?Another Reply to : Which law prevails ? 
  Indian cyber laws   
  What is Cyber LawReply to : What is Cyber Law ?  
  How to stop spamming ?   
  Cyber Law CareersReply to : Cyber Law Careers  
  Cyber laws for banking and finance sectorIndian Cyber Laws  
  Cyber Squatting prosecution   
  Contractual whirlpool   
  Duping Sites   


Family Law

Differences from State to state

Reply to : Differences from State to state

Another Reply to : Differences from State to state


Share of girl child in her father's property



Addition to : Right of girl child in parents' property  
  Why are the laws loaded in favour of ladies aloneReply to : Why are the laws loaded in favour of ladies aloneAnother Reply to : Why are the laws loaded in favour of ladies alone 
    Addition to : Laws in favour of ladiesReply to Addition : Laws in favour of ladies
  Marriage and Divorce Abroad   
  For Boys Also Minimum Marriageable Age must be 18Marriageable age should come down  
  Wife destroying family peaceSolution - Wife destroying Family Peace  
  Sections 419 & 420 of IPC   
  Misuse of section 498A and section 406 by womenAddition to : Misuse of 498AAnother addition to : Misuse of 498AReply to : Misuse of 498A
    Yet another addition to : Misuse of 498A 
    One More Addition to : Misuse of 498 A 


 Harassment caused under S. 498 A 
    498A the Vajrayudham in monkey's hand 

S. 498 A without dowry demand

  Claiming property   
  False Statements before police   
  Divorce and maintenance   
  Wife not trying to adjust in the family   



Role of motive in determining an offence




Constitutional duties

  Digging Gold   
  Agricultural Business Laws and WTO   
  Law in society - enforced or practised

Law be enforced


Why bail for the accused persons