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We are providing all round services and integrated and comprehensive solutions in most time effective and cost effective manner with complete responsibility and client feedback system to our clients globally providing corporate guidance and assistance to all legal problems visible and unforeseen, including various statutory compliances.

our business and corporate services are available on both retainership as well as ad-hoc and case to case basis, and the charges are generally effort based. Not to mention the guidance of experts on every problem is always available to the Vakilbabu team.

Our business services include


All Business and Corporate Laws and Statutory Compliances.


All types of Legal Deeds and Documents needed for business and commercial purposes like :

 i}Acknowledgements including the Acknowledgements of Debts;
 ii}Various types of Bonds, including performance and money Bonds;
 iii}Affidavits, Declarations and Undertakings;
 iv}All kinds of Agreements including Memorandums thereof, like Purchase Agreements, Sale Agreements, Construction and Demolition Agreements, and those related to any transfer of movable or immovable properties, etc.;
 v}All kinds of commercial and other Contracts, including those related to Intellectual properties;
 viii}General and Special Powers of Attorney;
 ix}Valuation and Appraisal Deeds;
 x}Apprenticeships and Articles of Clerkships;

Memorandum of Associations and Articles of Associations of a Company, Society or any other body;

 xiv}Partnership Deeds and Dissolution Deeds;
 xv}Hiring agreements;
 xvii}Guarantee and Warranty;
 xviii}Various Licenses;
 xix}Acquisitions and Mergers;
 xx}Trust Deeds;

All other documentations and Draftings legally necessary for every business set-up and management.

Note :We create only original documents and not copy them form templates or precedents, thus each or our deeds, documents and conveyances are original pieces of documents tailor made to suit the need of the clients fully and perfectly.
3.All Commercial Laws and transactions.
4.All labour and human resources related assistance including various statutory compliances.
5.Various Notices.
6.Aid in setting up Legal Cells and Departments.

Entrepreneurial Assistance by way of all legal guidance and help in setting up and managing every fresh business and enterprise, including filling up every necessary form and application, and help in complying with every statutory requirement.

8.All necessary legal guidance and help for procuring various licenses and statutory sanctions.
9.All Taxation matters, including Income Tax, Sales Tax, State and Central Excise, Customs and duties, VAT.
10.Appeals at all levels.
11.Guiding the businesses and corporates into avoidance of all kinds legal pitfalls, and every statutory compliance.
12.Secretarial and Drafting support for all kinds of documents, writings and correspondence.

For the quantum of our fees, which differ from case to case and document to document and also many times include the combined fees for the entire transaction, and includes the fees for our services under the retainership program, you shall have to contact us.

The fees as well as all other charges are payable in advance, as the per the schedule provided to you, and as per the manner laid out.