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We do a lot of legal documentation and conveyances etc., a brief description of which is as under :


Legal Documentation include


Legal Notices issued by us on behalf of our clients, Replies thereto and Rejoinders therefor.

 b)Various types of Legal Deeds and Documents like :
  i}Acknowledgements including the Acknowledgements of Debts;
  ii}Various types of Bonds, including performance and money Bonds;
  iii}Adoption Deeds
  iv}Affidavits, Declarations and Undertakings;
  v}All kinds of Agreements including Memorandums thereof, like Purchase Agreements, Sale Agreements, Construction and Demolition Agreements, and those related to any transfer of movable or immovable properties, etc.;
  vi}All kinds of commercial and other Contracts, including those related to Intellectual properties;
  x}Pawn, Pledge, Hypothecation and Mortgages, Compositions, new and further charges, reconveyances, and relevant Deeds and Documentations;
  xi}General and Special Powers of Attorney;
  xii}Valuation and Appraisal Deeds;
  xiii}Apprenticeships and Articles of Clerkships;

Memorandum of Associations and Articles of Associations of a Company, Society or any other body;

  xviii}Partnership Deeds and Dissolution Deeds;
  xix}Divorce Deeds and Settlements, including Deeds of Dower;
  xxii}Wills and Codicils;
  xxiii}Hiring agreements;
  xxv}Guarantee and Warranty;
  xxvi}Various Licenses including the documents of Leave & Licenses;
  xxvii}Partitions and Amalgamations;
  xxviii}Releases Deeds;
  xxix}Transfers of all sorts of Movable and immovable Properties;
  xxxi}All documents relating to Ownership Apartments, including Apartment Deeds and Declarations;
  xxxii}Trust Deeds;

All other documentations and Draftings legally necessary to create, extinguish or transfer in any way some right over a movable or immovable, tangible or intangible property.

2.Conveyances, of all sorts including easements, claims, interests, for and pertaining to various properties, including their title verification and investigation, and clearance thereof; in order to validly create, extinguish and transfer them or any part thereof.
Note :

We create only original documents and not copy them form templates or precedents, thus each or our deeds, documents and conveyances are original pieces of documents tailor made to suit the need of the clients fully and perfectly.

For the quantum of our fees, which differ from case to case and document to document and also many times include the combined fees for the entire transaction, and includes the fees for individual documents, you shall have to contact us.

The fees as well as all other charges are payable in advance, as the per the schedule provided to you, and as per the manner laid out.