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Our Services for the purpose of litigation before various courts of law, including any deemed courts can be engaged in one of following manners, depending on the gravity and importance of your case as well as your capacity to pay for the kind of services provided by us  :


If you are at a place where we have personal presence on a day to day basis (Mumbai-Thane area) you can directly contact us at our office through a personal visit.


If you are at a place where we have an Associate Advocate [For the list of our associates and their qualities, visit the Associate Section] you can do one of the following :


You can ask our office if the concerned Associate is suitable for your purpose (mostly they are quite competent to handle your matters) whereafter you can do one of the following :


Either directly engage their services, by contacting them directly for their fees (Note : In this case, we are neither directly nor indirectly responsible for your matter), and you have to deal with the concerned associate directly and decide about his fees and every thing else, this is a free service provided by us, and this does not amount to we in any case being responsible towards you or the fate of your matter.


Our associates are engaged to work under us, In this case, we provide them with as ready material as possible (normally all important pleadings are drafted by us here) as well as provide them with guidelines on how to handle the matter. Here you have to pay us our fees, as well as the fees negotiated on your behalf by us for engaging the services of the concerned associate. In this scenario, we are directly responsible for the fate of your matter and the performances are guaranteed by us.


Directly or indirectly engage our services as laid out hereafter, as if no associate exists in that city / area..


If there are presently none of our associates in your area, or you find them unsuitable to handle your matters, or you just want to engage the services of vakilbabu, you can do so in one of the following manners :


Either entrust us with the whole matter, in which case we shall do the following :


We prepare the pleadings,


We visit the concerned place and file the case,


We engage a suitable Junior Advocate in the concerned court to handle the matter, strictly under our guidance, and constantly remain in touch with us.


We visit the court to attend to your matter, as and when strictly necessary (mostly for either examining very important witnesses, or for oral arguments)

  Note :(1)

We visit outstation courts only when strictly unavoidable and not otherwise.


Visiting outstation courts entails - the traveling charges, lodging and boarding in reasonably good hotels of our choice for the necessary duration and day charges for the number of days that we are out of Mumbai, all payable by the client.


In this case you have to pay our fees, as well as the nominal fees for the junior as decided by us, as well as bear the outstation charges, every time we have to visit the concerned court.


You find out a suitable, computer savvy, junior advocate of impeccable repute, who is also hard working and willing to learn, with personal computer and internet connection as well as telephone and cellular telephones at his place of residence as well as office, and engage him / her to work under our guidance and supervision. In this case, you shall have to also negotiate the fees of the concerned junior advocate, while also paying our fees. In this case we shall not visit the concerned court unless expressly requested by you (for which the charges shall be born by you as already explained), but only send all the written pleadings and arguments as and when necessary to the Junior Advocate, and it is the junior advocate who shall actually conduct the trial albeit under our guidelines. We shall guarantee for your case here subject to the performance of your chosen junior advocate.

For the quantum of our fees, which differs from case to case you shall have to contact us. Presently we are charging Rs. 2,000/- to Rs. 5,000/- per day for outstation charges and lodging and boarding charges normally amount to around Rs. 2,000/- to Rs. 4,000/- per day in the cities where High Courts are situated, and  around Rs. 1,000/- to Rs. 2,000/- per day in other cities, the traveling fares are actuals, but for comfortable journeys (First Class railways with or without A/c depending on the climatic conditions / Air fares / Private Cabs with or without A/c depending on the climatic conditions) from our place at Mumbai till the concerned court and back.

The fees as well as all other charges are payable in advance, as the per the schedule provided to you, and as per the manner laid out.