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We have simply tied up with the Vakilbabu Academy to train the young legal professionals joining us.

How the Training is imparted

Firstly, the Academy takes up the basic skill set needed to become a successful lawyer, or law officer, and impart training into the very basics and fundamentals by honing the necessary skills needed for this by the trainees, under the experts in the field.

Next, the Academy takes up the lawyer’s and law officer’s working, taking one item at a time, and first explains the basics of the same and then impart extensive on hand training and practice with individual supervision and under the direct guidance of individual experts in every such item.

The Academy also trains into the basics needed into the professional life as well as general working life, bringing deep understanding of the real life situation in the world outside the academics.

Overall the Academy trains every law graduate into becoming a versatile, adaptable, thinking, hardworking, intelligent, and smart professional with deep understanding of real life situations and capacity to deliver within the parameters laid down and much better than their counterparts in present circumstances.

How the Academy is unique

A]     It actually trains and imparts training, interacting with the trainees and explaining them at every stage with individual attention, taking them by hand instead of letting them learn on their own.

B]      The trainees are actively trained by different persons, all experts in their own domain, instead of being passively trained by one single person, who may or may not be an expert in any single field.

C]      The reason for doing everything as well as the correct method of doing the same, is fully explained to the trainees, instead of letting them learn by trial and error method.

D]     Detailed and extensive training is imparted to the trainees instead of an ad-hoc method of so called training.

E]      Necessary skillset needed to succeed in the chosen field is imparted properly.

F]      Trainees are given absolutely on hand real life training with an opportunity to rectify their mistakes and in fact learn from the same and those of their co-trainees.

G]     Trainees are trained into the absolute basics needed for the lawyers and law officers, making them not only good and successful professionals but also good and successful individual human beings.

H]     Specialised training for any particular purpose as required by the corporates coming for campus placement is also imparted.

I]       Vakilbabu is a globally recognised Indian Brand of very high rating and hence the Trainees are already branded for success.

J]       The entire training is IT enabled and the entire campus a wi-fi zone.

K]     The Academy has excellent infrastructure not available elsewhere including large number (7) of practical labs and a large library with sufficient reading space as well as audio visual tools of training.


There is nothing better than being trained at the Vakilbabu Academy as a  legal professionals, comprehensively, in fact the only way it should be done.