How Free is the FREE Advice ?

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The Advice availed from this site, is given only upon a cursory glance of the documents supplied by you, and represent only the general application of law into your specified facts. This Advice is absolutely FREE!!!


However in case you want us to go deeply through your documents, requiring extra efforts, the same shall be chargeable at nominal costs, and NOT FREE.


In case you need to engage a lawyer for your work in India you are fully FREE to appoint any one, even after obtaining Free Advice from us, and there is absolutely no binding on you to engage us or any of our associates or any other person recommended by us. Naturally, we shall also be not responsible for any act, conduct or omission or the professional quality of the person chosen by you.


In case you want us to hunt for and help you in engaging a competent lawyer of your choice in any court or part of India, we shall try to do the same, but we do not guarantee any success in locating a suitable attorney of your choice as per your instructions. However, this service is also FREE!!


In case you decide to engage our services, the same is done as per our usual reasonable rates, which are fully dependent on the work load involved and such services, being our daily bread, are obviously NOT FREE!.


Since this is not the forum for deciding various aspects of a case, nor does this come under general application of law in any particular matter, and therefore we DO NOT provide either FREE or OTHERWISE the citations, case laws or judgments of various courts, related to the queries sent by the visitors.