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We have set up a sufficiently large, 24 X 7, state of the art Data Centre unit in Mumbai with very high broad band connectivity for both voice and data, fully dedicated to serving our clients in India and across the globe to process their knowledge based data through tailor made services. Our services in this field can be broadly categorised as follows :

A] Data Conversion :

We convert the hard copy documents into e-format both graphic as well as editable text to consume least space and for permanent storage and searchable databases.

We also convert by transliteration and legal transcription the voice and video data into text data, which as well as hand written notes then could be further converted for their usage for deep searchable storage or editable text for current usage.

Another service under this head, is the translation facility from and into various Indian and world languages of the text data.

B] Drafting Services

We undertake turnkey projects for drafting various documents as well as pleadings for and on behalf of our professional and corporate clients in India and across the globe on real time basis to help them achieve their objectives in shortest span of time as relevant to the local applicable laws of the concerned land.

C] Other Legal Support Services

Our data Center also handles other legal Support Services like Law Points and Citation Search, tailor made to the need of our clients. Fore more details on the same go to Legal Support Services.

The fees as well as all other charges are payable in advance, as the per the schedule provided to you, and as per the manner laid out.