Re : Fight back or a way out

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Date: Thursday, 13 November 2003
Time: 12:13:29 AM


Both these things amount to not only gross deficiency in service but also misleading promises, and therefore your remedy lies in first issuing a legal notice to them, preferably through a lawyer, and thereafter suing them in the consumer forum of your district.

Moreover, you can also sue them for any losses or damages suffered and for taking the instrument back ad return your entire money (though it may be extremely difficult due to the agreement for user entered by you with them while taking the connection. It is high time the same was also challenged in a court of equity (High Court or Supreme Court).

However also note that, such legal action is quite some time money and energy consuming, and that good lawyers do not come cheap. Therefore you may consider the option as preferred by thousands of Reliance consumers of simply destroying the hand set and forgo all the money, of course closing down the account from which the advance (post Dated) cheques have been given to them, and awaiting legal action to be initiated by the company (which apparently they have not been able to do till now against anybody).

A Consumer Activist