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Date: Tuesday, 09 December 2003
Time: 07:31:33 PM


Dear Sir,

I  bought a Samsung Handset from Reliance (Distributor) M/s. Ankit Stationary G. P. O. Mumbai after paying Rs. 501/- in cash.  The receipt was to be sent along with my first Invoice, this has not yet happened.

Following point I want to bring to the notice of all : -


The standby time for the battery is very low, even with a very limited usage; I have to charge it twice a day.


The incidents of call being lost, particularly while traveling is quite frequent.


The network need to be upgraded, its nowhere near International CDMA Standards.


The entire messages cannot be forwarded, they tend to disintegrate.


I have to prefix (022) sometimes for local calls. I have been charged for STD Calls!


Due to non-receipt of payment acknowledge & invoice, I do not have any proof of purchase of Handset or any agreement copy.


The consumers are not provided with any documents, any proof of Handset Insurance, though they are charged for the same.


Thanks to the misleading advertisement by the company, and ambiguous forms, the select 249 plan is unaffordable for me.  I wish to return the Handset and discontinue the service.  The option is to pay full amount of Handset (less) - Rs.300 (towards usage).  Which is nothing short of Blackmail or Rs.1000/- for transfer to other user, which is absurd since the handset is being sold by you for half the price!


Can't the company (reliance India Mobile) arrive at an amicable, consumer friendly settlement once I clear my dues or would they risk tarnishing their reputation in the media?

 Rahil Shaikh

Reliance Cell 33489154.

Bombay - Mumbra