Bonded labour

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Date: Thursday, 23 September 2004
Time: 11:51:53 AM


I have left a company after 10 days i joined it. I Have signed a bond stating that i will continue to work for the company for 1 year. Also stating that if i quit before one year i will pay check "check no" amounted "amount#" bank name, date (kept blank). I have to submit the said check to get my appointment letter. but as a employment agreement I have to pay only one month notice pay to the company. These two are different documents (Employment agreement and Bond) There is no any mention about this bond in the employment agreement. When I gave resignation letter to the company I stopped the payment for that check and intimated the company for the same and also requested to return the check. Now they have sued me with IPC 138. Can u tell me why should I pay for six months salary when i have got not a single paisa from that company?? also I have not got any training or foreign trip within those 10 days. Is there any Act that can save me from 138???

Sachin Pandhare