Denial of Voting rights to unauthorised slum dwellers

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Date: Friday, 08 October 2004
Time: 09:23:40 PM +0530


Respected Vakil Saheb,

I am a concerned citizen of Mumbai. As you may be aware a PIL has been filed in the HC a few weeks ago seeking denial of voting rights to the unauthorised slum dwellers (by Adv. Bhandare) on behalf of 11 petitioners.

I wish to intervene in this petition. So what I need to know from you is that what are the new points that I could raise in order to intervene (in support of this petition).

Also what are the laws that are violated by the migrants when they usurp of our open spaces, footpaths, playgrounds, recreational grounds, railway lands, government lands etc.

Sir, as you may have noticed I seek this information purely in the interest of the general public and to obtain a favourable order from the HC so that the quality life of life of us legitimate residents of Mumbai could improve.

Thank you.

Dr. G R Vora

275/3, Gope Nivas,
Sion (East), Mumbai - 22