Harassment caused under S. 498 A

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Date: Friday, 05 November 2004
Time: 02:56 PM


This issue of 498 is becoming critical now-a-days. During my whole life I have never visited a police station nor my parents but due to not accepting unwanted demands of wife she use this law and unnecessary keeps our family harassing. My only objection is that before registering the case there must be some dept. who can do the initial investigation about the case and if found correct than instruct police to register the case. Due to her wrong compliant police also starts harassing and asking money . This is not fair at all. My only request you all to take a concrete steps in this regards. At the moment I am not only the sufferer of this case is being registered more often.


Kazim Khan

Mohd. Kazim Khan.

Dilkhusha Compound,
Bhagyashree Colony Camp,