Enough is enough, let's save Mumbai

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Date: Tuesday, 07 December 2004
Time: 09:26:51 AM


Sir / Madam,

Sub:- Enough is enough, let's save Mumbai. Bring back DMC Rokde in action.

Enough is enough. It’s agonizing to witness the ongoing deterioration, decomposition, shredding of the social fabric and hurtling of Mumbai to it’s slow but sure death, thanks to the exponential growth in the number of slum dwellers, Hawkers Public Nuisance & Dirt in Mumbai and other encroachers. This is having a grave effect upon on every aspect of living of it’s legitimate residents due to the consequence of usurpation of a large no. of compulsory open spaces like the footpaths, playgrounds, recreational grounds, railway, other government lands etc. It would be shocking to know that all of this occurs in gross violation of a slew of laws and regulations of the land. They range from the commonest Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act 1888 on one hand to the Constitution of India 1950 on the other which includes Registration of Electoral Rules 1960, Indian Railways Act 1989, Maharashtra Regional Town Planning (MRTP) Act 1966, Development Control Rules 1991, Bombay Police Act 1951 and the Maharashtra Vacant land (Prohibition of unauthorized occupation and eviction) Act 1975 and the Maharashtra Slum Areas (Improvement, Clearance and Redevelopment) Act 1971. Thus, the end result is that a major chunk of the hard-earned tax payers’ money collected from the true residents of Mumbai are utilized to provide amenities like housing, electricity, health-care, drainage lines, water supply etc to the slum dwellers. On the other hand the lawful residents are left with a bitter taste in their mouths – apathy from their elected representatives to their problems, usurpation of open spaces, air and noise pollution, breakdown of civic infrastructure, unhygienic conditions, spread of serious diseases like malaria, dengue, tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera and even sexually transmitted diseases like HIV / AIDS, lack of space for pedestrians, traffic congestion, increase in number of unauthorized hawkers, lack of car-parking space, a dearth of green lungs in the vicinity and increase in security threats to the residents. Have our “elected representatives” forgotten that they are chosen to provide law & order and better quality of life to the lawful residents of the city ? Don’t they realize that the decisions that they take sitting in the Assembly should benefit every true resident and should never be supportive of a law-breaker ? Where will this madness end ? , Every right-minded citizen should the move to bring back Mr. Rokde into action ,if they care to have better quality of life for themselves and for posterity. One hopes that the Municipal Commr. B. M. C., and the powers-that-be does this ,and better sense prevails in the larger public interest.

Thank You.

DinaNath Chouvan

Plot - 25/5, Bhakti- Nivas,
Bandra (W) - Mumbai-50.