Re2: Laws in favour of ladies

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Date: Friday, 02 May 2003
Time: 02:19:33 PM



With reference to your answer about the laws being favourable towards the weaker sections of the society. Don't you think in order to protect the rights of the weaker section, the laws must be made foolproof so that they leave no scope for undue advantage by these so called weaker section. I had read George Orwell's animal farm long back, when pigs oust the human beings and become the new autocrats and that is happening to our society today thanks to our polity. Now I think it's not a case of proper representation of the weak and the oppressed rather a vengeance for what has been done centuries before. If that be the case why does not the whole of India take nuclear weapons and blow away England and Afghanistan whose rulers ruled us for more than a thousand years. Sounds irrational, right ?? So does these short sighted laws of our land.

Sincerely yours

An aggrieved Indian who thinks it won't be too long before he won't be proud to be an Indian