Re3: Laws in favour of ladies

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Date: Saturday, 16 August 2003
Time: 03:10:15 AM



I read your distressed comments about laws that are in favour of the ladies. I have to agree 100%. But it is too soon for you to say that you cant be proud Indian. The laws in the western countries are even more stringent and punishing for males. For this reason most men don't go for marriage at all. Adultery is rampant and temporary living arrangements are common. For this reason the populations in the west are falling.

You will be surprised how many Indian women commit adultery or borderline adultery in US and UK. They look demure and pious on the outside. You will never suspect a thing. But they are influenced by the TV, Newspaper and general media. I have seen this more with Indian women than Indian Men. Women embrace change faster in this secure, no control-string attached, money rich environments. World  is changing my friend. Values are relative. The Educated take liberties with ethics and interpret to suit the need of the hour. Conscience is silenced. Family lives are shattered. My prediction is , it will only get worse. Just accept that India along with the world is changing. May be changing for the better economically but certainly changing for the worse for family life. The real tragedy is that its not used by the genuinely needy parties.


New York