For Boys Also Minimum Marriageable Age must be 18

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Date: Thursday, 02 October 2003
Time: 09:12:27 PM


In India when the minimum marriageable age for girls is 18 then for boys also it should be 18.The idea looks absurd but it has a logic behind. If the boy and girl are of same age and want to marry as soon as possible against the will of parents (inter-caste or inter-religion) then the boy has to wait upto 21 years of age while the girl is vulnerable to the forced marriage after 18 as the boy will be helpless till the age of 21.Now till he reaches the age of 21, do you think the girl would be able to resist 3 yrs of mental torture and emotional blackmail of her parents as it is common in India?? No. She would never be able to do it.3 years is a long period and till then she would never be able to stop the parents from getting her married somewhere else. This would be a catastrophic for boy as well as for the girl which is being caused by the unbalanced law. If a boy can decide to chose whom to vote at the age of 18 years he can certainly chose with whom to marry at the age of 18 years and he does not require 3 more years to think about it. Am I wrong ? I am also the victim.