Re: Marriageable age should come down

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Date: Thursday, 23 October 2003
Time: 07:08:02 AM


This topic has been discussed previously by some one before, but I want to say that the unbalanced feature of the law makes the boy so helpless for next three long years that the boy can only watch the events happening in the girls life and blame his fate, while the law has to be blamed for this. The latest amendment was made somewhere in 1978 for this law but it needs to be amended again today, after 25 years. The time has changed, generation has changed, conditions have changed, education has changed and the IQ level of the boys at the age of 18 has improved to a great extent since 1978, when the last amendment was done. Now a days a boy of 18 is nowhere less than a boy of 21.It has been rightly said in the previous topic by whoever has written it that if a boy can think about the nation at the age of 18 and cast the vote accordingly, then at the age of 18, he can very well think about his future life. He need not sit three more years to gain enlightenment about his future, neither will he get it in those three years. The topic needs to be dealt strongly and firmly for its the young lives which are on stake.

Abhishek Singh

Barauni, Bihar.