Misuse of section 498A and section 406 by women

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Date: Sunday, 15 February 2004
Time: 12:02:57 PM


Sir, Although the laws under section 498A and section 406 were enacted to protect the women from undue harassment but nowadays more cases are coming to light wherein the women are misusing these laws just to get back at the husband or his family. Although this has been widely reported in the media yet no concrete action has been taken by any agency to curb this practice of misuse. The police often guide the girl as to how she should file the complaint. It is the police who ask her to name as many relatives as possible in the FIR. What the law makers don't understand is that after going through trauma of arrest etc reconciliation between husband and wife almost becomes impossible. This section only paves way for divorce. Its high time the law makers take a closer look at the sections. Surely there are ways in which women's rights can be protected as well as the misuse of such laws can be curbed..

Purushottam Shorey

343, Sector 17, Panchkula,
New Delhi.