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Since the company has very recently commenced its business, the first balance Sheet and the first Profit & Loss Account of the company are yet to be drawn and shall be made only after the end of its first financial year of operation ending March 31, 2005.

Though the company is not listed on any stock exchange, we plan to have the company listed in major stock exchanges in the year 2007 and in NASDAQ around the year 2010

However the following financial position is quite clear :

Major Liabilities of the Company 
 Authorised Capital of the Company
Rs. 500,000/-
Major Assets of the Company : 
 Vakilbabu website (valued as on 13-02-2005)
over Rs. 50,000,000/-

Therefore the present Book Value of each share of Rs. 10/- of the company is over Rs. 1,200/-, and the revenue growth rate of the website has been consistently over 300% per annum since its inception in the year 2000.

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