Join us and learn


Join us and get trained at the world's only Institute to train legal professionals.

Presently nobody trains any junior in the way it should be.

Brief facts about present day training.

Brief facts about the need to train properly.

Brief facts as to how the training is imparted.

Therefore we have tied up with the world's only institute for the purpose. You learn there full time and then upon successful completion of your many months' training join us to either work in one of our offices or are delegated to a client's / associate's office as a probationer. Upon successful completion of your probation, you shall be absorbed by us and posted at one of our offices on a minimum pay scale of Rs. 30,000/- per month, which could be higher depending upon your training scores and appraisals as the probationer.

Of course there are some conditions and constraints.

A] There will be bond of 6 months from the date of certification of the successful completion of your training with the Academy, during which period you shall be entitled to only minimum leave as a probationer.

B] You shall have to give a security deposit of Rs. 60,000/- to guarantee the successful completion of your training and probation. Once your probation is completed, the security deposit shall be returned to you without interest immediately on your either joining us as a lawyer or resigning upon the completion of your bond period.

If you are young, qualified, ambitious, and are willing to work hard and apply yourself to rise above others, apply to the Manager, HRD, Vakilbabu LAW HOUSE LTD., by clicking here and downloading the file, if necessary save it on your computer, fill up the entire form table fully at your leaure giving your name and contact details including a valid email address, your qualification and experience if any, with an affirmation to successfully undergo proper online training with our associates "The Vakilbabu Academy" under the applicable terms and conditions. Then send the same to us by clicking on the link provided in the downloaded file.