How do I get married in the safest way and avoid all future legal and other complications ?

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NOTE : marriage is not only a union of two bodies and souls, it also implies the coming together of the two families. Though your chosen partner may seem alright during the courtship, after marriage even small differences in your upbringing, social and cultural background, food habits and social and religious customs may create problems. It is the duty of the parents to see the match for their wards well in time, and also the social and other implications of the marriage, which they are normally quite competent to do, and hence well researched "arranged marriages" are generally more hassle free for the rest of the lives of the couple.

If you have found the match of your life, and are serious about marrying each other you should adopt the following steps :


Try and talk about this to your parents, or if they would not listen, try some other person, in whom you can confide, and that person may make your parents agree.


If [1] fails, since in India still the boys remain with their parents and the bride has to go to the place of the in-laws, the girl should at least try if she can get a place with her future in-laws.


The only other option is to go against the wish of each set of parents and get married.


In case you are quite elderly and fully self sufficient financially, there is not much hurdle likely to come from your parents and other family members except a complete negation, may be ban, and many a times also a psychological and emotional black-mail. You shall have to be prepared to bear this and also to answer some of this, in case the need arises.


In case you can, better organise your own marriage in an open manner and not try to conceal it from the world. You can of course select from being officially married through the religious rites and rituals or through a Civil Marriage. In all religions and communities, there are places where you can find a cheap and quick way of getting married, for Hindus there are always Arya Samajs.


In case it is not possible to get married openly, and you have to run away, plan your moves meticulously and well in advance. Also arrange for sufficient money to go through everything, including a decent and fairly long honeymoon.


In case your religions are different, it is always advisable that, the girl should change her religion to that of the boy, just before the marriage, normally the priests who would preside over the ceremony of marriage are either able to do the conversion personally or take some other help, and mostly this thing can be done on the spot, except in case of Christians (there are no conversions into Parsi).


Prior to your marriage, do collect your individual age proofs, like birth certificates or school leaving certificates, also do not forget to take out proper photographs of the marriage ceremony, as well as at least one joint photograph of the newly married couple with the priest presiding over the ceremonies of marriage and friends as witnesses of the marriage.


If you have run away from your home (eloped) for getting married, immediately after the marriage, go for a honeymoon for as long a duration as possible, to some unknown place, without telling even your closest friend as to the place where you intend to go (our suggestion for this is to just leave everybody behind, just after your marriage celebrations are over, and decide about the place of your honeymoon, only when you two are together as the married couple, and leave immediately thereafter for your destination). The long honeymoon not only helps break the parental anger, but also makes them see reason as well as your love for each other, it also creates a practically unbreakable bond between the two of you, which can later survive any amount of parental torture and emotional black-mail. Moreover a long period of honeymoon of your marriage also ensures that, each one of you are deemed unfit for a different marriage in your individual social circles and communities.


As far as possible have your marriage registered properly just after going through the marriage ceremony, and have copies of the certificate of such marriage made out, each one of you retaining one, the original kept on some truly safe custody, and also post the copies of the same to not only your families, but also to as many relatives and friends as possible.