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For all your questions about either any Indian law, or about the Indian Judicial System, the answer of which you can not find in other pages shall be answered here.

If you are seeking advice for any legal problem connected with India, you are of course most welcome.

If you have any personal problems, or wish to enquire or obtain some clarification about any thing connected with our field of work, or in need of any attorney in India or any part thereof, you can always get in touch with us.


We do not entertain any third party queries (questions related to persons not directly affected), requests for case laws and citations (Judgments of various courts), hypothetical questions (not revealing the actual facts but only in the form, some xyz company, abc person etc.) [Except those falling under the category of general and wide public importance], and students and lawyers expecting us to provide them with ready made material, saving them burning their mid-night oil.

For better and more details go to FAQ area.

However, before seeking advice, we request you to visit the following pages.


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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ].

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