How and where are the Marriages Registered

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Marriage Registration for all the religions and also for any inter-religious marriages is absolutely compulsory. Marriage is to be registered within 30 days from the date of marriage with the Registrar of marriages, in whose jurisdiction the marriage ceremony has taken place. Normally the local document registrar known as The Sub-Registrar of Assurances is also the Registrar of Marriages, and his office is located at the Taluka (Tehsil) place.

In the given office, on any working day, you can ask for the form for the registration of your marriage (also known as the Memorandum of marriage), which you have fill, execute (sign - including the signature of the priest who performed the ceremony) and submit alongwith other necessary requisites of the office [which primarily varies from office to office - but may include, age proof of each of the parties, their photographs, photographs of the marriage ceremony, photograph of the priest etc.] alongwith the necessary fees and charges. Generally a certified copy of the same may be collected (naturally upon payment towards the same) after a few days from that office. This certified copy is generally also termed by many persons as the "Marriage Certificate".

The following gives the list of the person responsible to have your Marriage registered :

Marriage Ceremony undergone

Person Responsible for Registration of Marriage

Hindus [including Sikhs, Buddhists (including Neo Buddhists) and Jains]

The Newly Married Couple
MuslimsThe Kazi performing the Nikah
Christians and ParsisThe Priest performing the ceremony
Inter-Religious marriages

The marriage itself is the Registration of the marriage

Of course there is also something called 'Civil Marriage' or more popularly as the "Registered Marriage", procedure which is basically the same as the Procedure for the marriages done under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

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