Feeling cheated with a 'Car Interiors shop' in Gurgaon, Haryana

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Date: 28 Mar 2001
Time: 23:20:33



I recently purchased my first car, a Maruti 800 EX in Gurgaon. And, out of difficulty in procuring Maruti genuine spares/accessories + a choice of them and earnest explanation to novices like me - (point to note for all further marketing/distribution discussions) -

I walked into this place called, Car Interiors (in Gurgaon) and was genuinely happy at the interest and enthusiasm of a couple of youngsters....(I went in - to buy anything that I can fit into my car that can be of use!).

I was in for massive surprise after fitting in the stereo, reverse/back alarm, foot-mats and such.....

1. when I went in to pay and asked for the warranty card etc.. I was told - "Sir, actually, Kenwood does not give warranty. but we give you a warranty - that, if you have any problem anytime, please come here and we will take care" (sic)!!! So, no warranty. The blatant cheating is from the fact that he mis-informed me, did not follow the very minimal codes of ethics and also was very clear that this is how his business runs!!

2. Next came the shock - that he wont give me a bill. when I insisted on the bill - he wanted me to pay some Rs 950/- extra... towards some taxes etc etc...and now - I find this an extra level of cheating. He should have told me earlier. I will obviously pay for all components of pricing as long as pricing is openly stated and not disguised in this dirty fashion.

I paid him the entire money, took my bill/receipt and walked out - as I wanted no more meddling with my first car and new car and didn't want any scary thing to happen during this happy period of early honey-car-moon...

does your association have anyone or any forum which can help me in making me feel better ( if not get my money back ). please advice.